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Unleashing Brilliance with Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA Waterproof Moving Head Light

Light Sky proudly presents the MINI LASER AQUA, a high power laser light designed to meet the needs of discerning users. With its razor-sharp 128mm beam, 1.1° angle, and an impressive luminance of 180,000lux at 10 meters, this fixture is perfect for large-scale events. Boasting a modular design, 12 vibrant colors, a bi-directional rainbow effect, gobos, and a compact form factor, the MINI LASER AQUA effortlessly elevates any stage performance with precision and power.

Unrivaled Optical Performance

The MINI LASER AQUA is powered by a 100W white laser, delivering exceptional brightness and clarity. Its ultra-narrow 1.1° beam angle ensures a focused and precise projection, allowing you to highlight specific areas or performers with ease. Equipped with a 128mm front lens, this high-power laser light guarantees optimal light distribution and superior visual impact. With a luminance of 180,000lux at 10 meters, the MINI LASER AQUA creates a stunningly immersive lighting experience that captivates the audience.

Vibrant Colors and Dynamic Effects

Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA provides a wide range of color options and dynamic effects to enhance your lighting design. The fixture features a color wheel with 12 vibrant colors, including a blank slot, allowing for customizable color combinations. The bi-directional rainbow effect adds an extra dimension to your lighting, seamlessly transitioning between colors for mesmerizing displays. Additionally, the MINI LASER AQUA incorporates a static gobo wheel with 14 fixed gobos and a blank slot, enabling you to project intricate patterns and textures onto the stage.


Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA waterproof moving head light is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative lighting solutions. With its exceptional optical performance, vibrant colors, dynamic effects, and user-friendly design, the MINI LASER AQUA empowers lighting professionals to create breathtaking visual experiences. Whether for concerts, theatrical productions, or other large-scale events, this fixture is a versatile and powerful tool. Elevate your stage performance effortlessly with Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA and unleash brilliance on your stage.

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