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Elevating Transport Monitoring with Edan’s Advanced Solutions

In the realm of modern healthcare, efficient and reliable transport monitors play a crucial role in ensuring seamless patient care during critical transfers. Edan, a leading name in medical technology, introduces the groundbreaking iX Series, a transformative line of transport monitors that sets a new standard in the industry.

Streamlined Interface for Optimal User Experience

The iX Series transport monitor boasts a conciSE Series user interface, enabling healthcare professionals to access crucial patient data swiftly and efficiently. With a wealth of information displayed in a clear and organized manner, the iX Series simplifies the monitoring process, allowing for prompt and informed decision-making during patient transportation.

Aesthetic and Functional Design Innovations

Edan’s iX Series features a new industrial design that blends aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. The monitor’s streamlined build and capacitive touch buttons not only add a touch of sophistication but also enhance the overall user experience. The monitor’s 105° elevation angle ensures optimal visibility, allowing medical personnel to monitor patients effortlessly, even in the most demanding situations.

Optimized Visual Experience for Enhanced Monitoring

Prioritizing user comfort and convenience, the iX Series incorporates features that enhance the visual experience for healthcare professionals. The monitor’s auto-brightness adjustment ensures optimal screen visibility in various lighting conditions, while the 170° ultra-wide observation angle provides a comprehensive view of patient data from different vantage points. Additionally, the anti-glare design minimizes reflections, reducing eye strain and ensuring uninterrupted focus during critical patient transfers.


Edan’s iX Series transport monitor represents the pinnacle of innovation, combining an intuitive user interface, an elegant and functional design, and optimized visual features to deliver an unparalleled monitoring experience during patient transportation. With its focus on efficiency, comfort, and reliable data presentation, the iX Series is set to redefine the standards of transport monitoring in the healthcare industry.

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