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Space-Saving Thermal Pump Solutions by Shenling

With excellent sun-screening capabilities, corrosion resistance, and rainproof features, Shenling‘s thermal pump units offer optimal performance in various environments.

Space-Saving Design

Shenling’s rooftop air conditioning units are engineered to maximize space utilization. Their compact design allows for installation and operation on rooftops, eliminating the need for additional indoor space. By freeing up valuable floor space, businesses can optimize their utilization and focus on core operations. Moreover, the units offer superior sun-screening capabilities, ensuring efficient cooling without the adverse effects of direct sunlight.

Cost-Effective Solution

Shenling’s thermal pump units are air-cooled direct-expansion air conditioning equipment, eliminating the need for cooling water, chilled water, and terminal equipment. This significantly reduces the upfront investment required for equipment installation. Businesses can save money on expensive infrastructure and associated maintenance costs, making Shenling’s thermal pump units a cost-effective and efficient solution for their heating and cooling needs.


Shenling’s thermal pump units provide efficient and space-saving solutions for commercial heating and cooling requirements. With their rooftop installation capability, businesses can optimize their space utilization by eliminating the need for a dedicated machine room or indoor space. The units’ impressive sun-screening capabilities, corrosion resistance, and rainproof features ensure reliable performance in various outdoor environments.

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