New 88 Simple Monopoly Rules Instructions for Newbies

Monopoly rules is an important set of rules in this game. It defines the rules for moving and buying and selling property, as well as penalizing violations. The rules also set out the conditions for winning and ending the game.

What is Monopoly decoding?

Nhà cái New88 Understanding and compliance Monopoly rules is the key to participating in the game in a fair and reasonable way. This is a mind game developed by Hasbro under the Parker Bros. brand. The game begins with rolling dice to decide actions such as buying, selling, leasing, and accumulating assets.

Initially, it was introduced by Charles B. Darrow in 1934 as Monopoly, officially produced by Parker Brothers in 1935. Monopoly became a popular game in the US and the Western region. Since 1999, this game has been released and known in 80 countries. Thanks to that, it has been adapted into 26 different languages.

In Vietnam, Monopoly is known as Monopoly, often played on mobile devices as well as computers through applications such as ZingPlay and 360Mobi. Monopoly rules Requires players to have tactical thinking, careful calculation and a little luck.TThis game not only brings entertainment but also helps develop the brain and strengthen bonds with friends and family.

Playing Monopoly helps strengthen relationships

Detailed Monopoly rules for newbies

The purpose of the game is for players to accumulate assets and use money effectively. This game is suitable for under 4 players.

To start the game, you need to grasp Monopoly rules so as not to miss any opportunity. All players place the mascot in the “GO” box, then roll the dice. The person with the highest score on the dice will start first.

Similarly, each person in turn will throw the dice and then move the symbolic animal according to the correct number of points displayed.

If you roll the dice on two identical faces, you get one more turn. But if you roll the same dice three times in a row, you will go to jail. To get out of jail, you need to roll the dice with two identical faces again. After your turn ends, it’s the turn of the player to your left.

Monopoly rules The game ends when all other players go bankrupt, leaving only one person who is not bankrupt, this person will win.

If there is a set playing time, after the set time ends, the richest person will be the winner.

What does Monopoly include?

Monopoly includes a chess set and a chess board. A basic Monopoly chess set includes:

Things needed in a Monopoly chess set

  • A game board.
  • 2 dice.
  • The animals represent each player.
  • 32 houses and 12 hotels. Each real estate is represented by a certificate that is as valuable as a red book in Vietnam.
  • Orange opportunity card.
  • Fortune card with the symbol of a treasure chest.
  • Money, money box (bank money)
  • The ultimate guide on how to play Monopoly.
  • Chessboard

Each chess board’s design and name may vary depending on the country. However, each chess board usually has 40 small boxes with the names of famous places and landmarks, along with 3 boxes shaped like question marks and 3 boxes shaped like treasure chests.
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Experience playing Monopoly in the simplest and fastest way

Starting to play Monopoly can be very easy, but winning is not simple. To win in the end, in addition hold clearly Monopoly rules You need to have carefully calculated strategies. Here are somemethod Helps you play Monopoly more effectively:

Tips for winning monopoly easily

  • Actively enhance your wealth: The faster you become rich, the greater your chances of winning.
  • Focus on building 3 houses on the same piece of land: Owning 3 houses on the same street will increase the possibility of income from toll collection.
  • Always buy railways: Railways always give you a stable income.
  • Invest in surrounding land such as parking lots. This is a way to earn a lot of money from renting land.
  • You should go to jail at a later stage of the game: Going to jail at this stage will help you save money and avoid risks.
  • Invest in assets by changing 7 boxes: Roll 2 dice and you will easily get the number 7.
  • Invest immediately after having enough land by color group.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to the green soil.

Above are all instructions on how to play as well as Monopoly rules that New88 has compiled. Hopefully this information will help you better understand monopoly, so you can join your friends on vacation.

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