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Dragon Tiger is a prominent casino game at the New 88 betting hall. This is considered a game that attracts many gamers to try and receive rewards. With simple gameplay and easy-to-understand rules, the high betting odds are also what makes the game attractive. If you still do not understand the information about the game, please follow the article below. Find out now with New888.

What is Dragon Tiger New88?

Dragon Tiger Originated from Cambodia and then introduced to many countries. The English name of this game is Dragon&Tiger. This is a casino game and has been very popular since ancient times. The game’s gameplay is quite simple and there are not too many betting rules.

So even new players can try this game. When placing a bet, players will have to observe and judge which bet has a high win rate. Then put money in the bet and wait for the results from the house.

Currently, rewards for the game Dragon Tiger inNEW88 very big. Players can start with a small capital but still receive high value bonuses. That’s also the reason New88 is at the top of the listlobby Dragon&Tiger bets are the most chosen.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

In fact, most of the card games at NEW 88 casino have quite simple rules. But to bet successfully, you must carefully study the game rules first. Specifically as follows:

Rules of participation

First is about the rules for participating in game betting halls at bookmaker New88. Players only need 1 player to start their bet. New 88’s betting halls also have no regulations limiting the number of bettors. Therefore, playing Dragon&Tiger online is not difficult when coming to this game portal.

Basically, this game is quite similar to Baccarat with a 2-card version.But This type is simpler in terms of drawing and opening cards. Every time it starts, the Dealer will deal the cards and you have the right to bet on the bet you want.

Scoring rules in the game Dragon Tiger

For this game, the card suits will not affect the outcome of the game. The score of the card is the score of the cards you own. The score is determined as follows: A< 2< 3< 4< 5< 6< 7< 8 < 9< 10< J< Q< K. The score will be calculated as the numbers of each card. With A being one point, 2 to 10 are the corresponding points, J is 11 points, Q is 12 points, K is 13 points.

Basic terms you need to know in the game Dragon Tiger

When participating in the Dragon & Tiger betting game atnew88. Players may encounter unique terms in this game. So you also need to learn about the terms first and then try your hand at it. If you do not understand these terms clearly, you will easily bet wrongly or mistakenly. Brings losses to players in many aspects, not just betting capital.

  • Dealer: This is the word used to refer to the person who will do the job of dealing cards. This is the representative of New88 who participates in managing your game.
  • Dragon: This is a Dragon bet that is often denoted as dark red
  • Tiger: Represents the Tiger gate with the symbol being blue
  • Tie: This symbol represents the Draw bet. That means you will bet here if you think the scores of both sides are equal.

Types of bets in Dragon Tiger

In the past, this game only had two main betting options: Dragon and Tiger. However, as online bookmakers developed the game, they added more betting options. This helps add diversity and excitement to the game as well as attract more players. Below are some types of bets that players can refer to:
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Big bet

The first type is the Big bet, which means you will bet based on the total score. The cards will be 7 times larger including card types such as 8 – 9 – 10 – J – Q – K. This bet has a win rate of 50%, a quite large rate for new players to try. .

Small bet

In contrast to the big bet, with the small bet, the total number of bet points must be less than 7. This includes cards such as: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. At this point you can win. win with a fairly large probability of winning or losing. So if you are a Newbie playing Dragon Tiger Then you can choose this bet.

Draw bet

If you think the value of Dragon and Tiger is the same, then bet on a draw. The winning ratio of this bet is up to 8:1. So the probability of appearing is not high and the difficulty is quite high, so you need to consider before betting.

Bet on suits

The suit bet type is one of the forms of bet that also has the same meaning and value. However, suit bets are different from tie bets in that the odds are 2:1 for all suit bets.

Things to note when playing Dragon Tiger Online good for newbies

When first starting to try this game, new players will inevitably make mistakes. Especially playing online games can cause different difficulties for players. Next are a few notes that players need to remember when playing this game online.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

First, it is choosing a bookmaker to register for betting. Currently, many online bookmakers offer game titles Dragon Tiger on the market. However, quality and reputation are not the same.

The bookmaker will directly affect your games. If you are unlucky enough to choose a fraudulent bookmaker, you will lose all your money without even knowing it. Currently,New88 is one of the reputable and highly rated game portals on the market.

The house has a casino lobby that has been evaluated and issued a legal business certificate. So this is an ideal place for players to try their hand at many attractive games.

Divide capital and bet small

For new players to try their hand at Dragon Tiger online. The important thing to remember is not to be greedy and place big bets. Bet with a clear and wise strategy and plan. Splitting the betting capital is a way for players to bet on more games. Also, if you lose, you will have more opportunities to win and you will not lose too much. There are many betting doors for players to bet on, so when dividing capital, you can bet on multiple bets. From there, it brings a higher chance of winning to rookies who are just starting to play the game.

Bet on demand

Dragon Tiger is a game that appears a lot in games Casino lobby famous. An experience that experts often apply when playing this game is betting on demand. This game can appear quite a lot of bridges such as 1 – 1, 1 – 2 bridge, 2 – 2 bridge, flat bridge… When playing, players need to observe carefully to be able to catch the bridge that appears.

Count cards

In each game, the Dealer will deal one card to each bet. After placing the bet, the dealer will turn over the cards and compare the scores to calculate the winning chance. Only 2 cards at a time so players can completely memorize the cards. Remembering the cards can help players have a basis for making judgments for the next game.

Above is some information about the game Dragon Tiger New88 for players’ reference. Hopefully this article can give players a clearer view of this casino game. Register for New88 now to participate in the most attractive casino betting hall.

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