Mitigating Schedule Overruns: Addressing Construction Time Management Challenges with Scheduling Software

In a construction project, there are often several tasks happening at once, with each one having a timeline to follow for the project to run smoothly. Often, some circumstances slow one task down or put a hold on them, which can interfere with the timing of the next piece of the building project. When this happens, a construction manager must wait until the appropriate person informs them of the issues and how long they expect them to continue. Then they must contact the affected individuals, cancel equipment, and rearrange schedules. This all takes time, and when time is money, it can become very costly.  That’s why we are taking the time to show you how scheduling software can mitigate schedule overruns, keep construction projects on time, and within budget, and leave you with happy customers who’ll happily spread the word about how satisfied they are.

Collaborate and communicate

To create schedules, you must know when deadlines should be met, when contractors, equipment, inspectors, etc. are available, and then you must finesse all this information into a workable schedule that suits everyone. With scheduling software, the project’s stakeholders can use the one platform to inform you of their availability, any issues they foresee, issues as they occur, and all the project’s information and communication can be accessed quickly and easily.


Invariably, something will come up and a delay will occur in at least one of your scheduled tasks. Usually if this happens it takes a long time to contact everyone and rearrange things, making schedule overruns more likely, and probably costly. However, with scheduling software issues can be communicated quickly, tasks rearranged, alternative schedules can be produced and immediately passed on to the relevant people.

And more

Good scheduling software will not only save your construction project from scheduling overruns, but it will also take you from bidding to finish. It can help identify issues before they become a problem, preventing them from delaying the project. You can also integrate financial software, manage budgets, upload documents, and access everything from anywhere you have an internet connection. Quantity takeoffs can be achieved with less errors, 80% quicker than traditional methods and will add a professional look to your bids. You can stand apart from your competitors and build your business’ reputation, all whilst saving time and money.

In the construction industry, schedule overruns and delays are almost inevitable no matter how carefully and thoroughly you plan. However, with scheduling software from Buildxact you can adapt quickly and efficiently without slowing the project down or blowing the budget. Contact the team at Buildxact today, so you can start saving time and money, while building your reputation as a construction company that gets the job done, on time and on budget.

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