Autophix’s Multilingual Menu Interface: Convenient and User-Friendly

Autophix car diagnostic scanner is a device that connects to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth and uses an app to show you diagnostic information and driving tips.


I/M readiness: It shows the status of the emission-related monitors and helps you pass the emission test.

Data stream: It shows the real-time data of your car’s sensors and parameters in numbers or graphs.

Freeze frame: It shows the data of your car’s sensors and parameters when a fault code was detected.

O2 sensor test: It tests the performance of your car’s oxygen sensors and shows the results.

On-board monitoring: It tests some components or systems of your car and shows the results.

Vehicle information: It shows some basic information of your car, such as VIN, CID, CVN, etc.

Autophix car diagnostic scanner works with most OBDII compliant vehicles from the US, Europe, and Asia after 2000. It has a multilingual menu with nine languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.


Autophix car diagnostic scanner is a smart and handy device that every car owner should have. It can diagnose your car engine and improve your driving safety and efficiency. It is easy to use and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To learn more about Autophix car diagnostic scanner, visit

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