Looking for an Online Casino? Here are 4 Signs It’s Legit

Because of the pandemic a few years ago, most establishments, including casinos, have closed down because they are not essential. That said, most casino players looked for something new that can take away the edge of being unable to play casino games, and they found it on the internet. Nowadays, even if most casinos have been brought back to life, many players still opt for online casinos for various reasons. 

Not only are casinos open 24/7, but they are also easy to play in, not to mention that they offer more perks and benefits, especially for first-time players. Because of the sudden surge in popularity, some rotten people want to take advantage of this fact by creating online casinos. 

Now, these online casinos are fake and out to get your money by faking legitimacy. However, once they get your money, they’ll run away. That said, how exactly do you know if an online casino is legit? Here are some signs they are.

Legitimate Banking Methods

When it comes to online banking, there are a lot of legit and popular banking methods that most online casinos partner with, like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc. If you see these banking methods used by your online casino, it’s most likely legit. How? This is because large companies care so much about their reputation. 

With that in mind, they don’t want to partner with establishments and companies with a bad reputation, which fake online casinos have. If they suspect their partner is doing something illegal to protect their reputation, they will cut ties with that specific establishment. So if an online casino has ties with these popular banking companies, you’d be right to assume they’re legit.

Reasonable Welcome Bonuses

As mentioned, online casinos are famous for their generous perks and bonuses. However, there’s always a catch with them. Most of the time, you are required to do something before you can enjoy these bonuses. For example, one popular bonus that online casinos give their first-time players is free money. They would say you can get free money if you register and make an account on their site. 

However, while some online casinos give it away immediately, others will only give it to you if you deposit a specific amount or more into your account. Sounds sleazy? Well, that’s just how it is, and it’s legal too. But if you think that’s scummy, wait until you hear about this. Fake online casinos would also require you to deposit specific money, but instead of giving you the free money that they promised, they’d just run away with your deposit. 

You might think there’s no way people would fall for that, right? Wrong. They tend to give out ridiculous bonuses to entice people to deposit. So if you think a welcome bonus is too good to be true, it probably is.

Prominent Licenses

Another important factor that proves the credibility of an online casino is its licenses. There are a few licenses that online casinos must have to prove that it’s legal for them to operate, have been audited, and are fair to their players. You can usually see these licenses on a dedicated page within their site. Sometimes, you can see these licenses, certifications, and awards on their homepage, usually at the bottom.

That said, if you see these licenses, there’s a good chance that the online casino is legit. If you’re still unconvinced, you can call the authorities themselves to see if the online casino is listed on their sites. Usually, if the online casino is listed, they have been audited and given permission to operate. If not, however, you should know that something fishy is going on with that online casino.

Strong Reviews

If you want to play casino live, you should look for an online casino with strong reviews. A legit online casino always has players talking positively about them on a third-party site. You can then review some of these on those platforms and see people’s reviews. Of course, if they’re overwhelmingly positive, there’s a good chance they are legit. 

Otherwise, it’s probably a fraud. It cannot be very clear whether it is true or false. However, a pretty good rule of thumb is that when you look for reviews on a specific online casino, and there are no reviews beyond the first one or two Google pages, it’s not worth your time.

Final Word

Looking for a legit online casino is pretty easy since most of them that you see online are legit. However, it doesn’t say that fake online casinos are not waiting for their prey, looking to have an easy score for anyone stupid enough to fall for their tricks. Just because they are a minority doesn’t mean you can be complacent when looking for an online casino. You should always check their background to see if they are legit.

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