Odds 3/4 | How to calculate and apply sure-to-win betting

Odds 3/4 is a type of bet that is not too common and often appears if the strength between the two teams competing in the same match is too big. Because it is not popular, few people play it and even for many people, this ratio is quite confusing. This article will give you easy, sure-to-win calculations and techniques for applying bets.

Learn about what is 3/4 odds?

This is a style bet Asian handicap, also known as the odds of 0.75, is also known as the half-one bet.

On the betting board, the number 0.5 – 1 represents this bet. Once the betting player sees this odds appear, it can be predicted that the strength of the upper odds team is quite far from the lower odds team.

If in other types of bets, the player only needs to consider whether the team they bet on will win that soccer match or not, but with this bet, the upper bet team wins by how much the lower bet team wins, and the difference is as follows: How… all need to be considered and calculated very carefully.

Only by carefully calculating and considering the scoring ratio of the two teams can the most fair betting result be achieved.

Because not always in a match, the two teams have equal fighting strength, or the strong team is always better than the weak team by a specific number without being flexible.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3/4 odds

(1) Advantages of playing ¾ odds

In the betting lobby, players can see that handicap bets are always favored at the top, which proves that this is a type of bet that is very popular with many people. And for this reason, players can always bet on this bet anywhere.

When you see that the match between the two teams has a 3/4 odds, it can be partly confirmed that this is a match with a significant difference in strength between the two football teams.

Because the difference is too much, it is necessary to use a large odds such as 0.75 to level the bet, creating fairness for the bet.

For skilled players, just seeing the odds of this bet, along with the bonus rate when winning the bet, will create just enough information for anyone who is sensitive to see and apply. How to play, what method to use to bet with the least amount of money lost, and reduce the most risks.

(2) What are the disadvantages of 3/4 odds?

As mentioned above, the handicap appears to equalize the strength of the two teams by the score, so that the bet can be balanced again.

But also for this reason 3/4 bet usually only appears if the difference between the two teams facing each other is too large.

Sometimes, in sports competitions, the two teams that meet each other are not always rivals. On the contrary, one side may enjoy excellent training, while the other side may have limitations in weather or ability. player…

One thing that makes this bet less popular among players is that it makes calculating winnings quite difficult. If you are not careful, it is easy to make mistakes.

Another disadvantage of this bet is that if you don’t play, that’s it. If you play, you must carefully study the performance and performance of the team you plan to bet on whether it is stable or not.

This bet is generally very time-consuming for those who are new to sports betting, especially soccer betting.

The odds are 3/4

When players enter the interface to bet on football in particular and sports in general at Nhà cái Hi88, you will see that normally, in matches with the presence of two teams, there will always be many ratios applied along with 3/4 bet.

Odds 3/4 This is a handicap and this bet will rarely change, only the bonus odds for each team with the upper and lower odds may be slightly different.

In case of using CN – China odds, the bonus rate can range from x0.5 to x48.

With Indo, US or Malay odds, the applicable odds will appear negative – positive odds. The way to calculate winning and losing bets for these types of bets is relatively complicated, but as long as you understand the key points, you will be able to calculate the money immediately.

In addition, the 3/4 bet Can also be applied to Decimal odds.

Easy to understand way to view 3/4 odds

When the player sees it 3/4 bet It can be understood that the upper team is handicapping the lower team by 3/4 of the goals, and this also shows the fact that the strength of the two teams is very far apart.

When playing 3/4 bet, if the upper team wins the lower team with a score of 1 – 0, then the bet on the upper team will only receive half the bet, and the player who bets on the lower team will lose half of the original bet. head.

But if it happens that the upper team wins the lower team with an absolute difference of score from 2 – 0 to 3 – 0 or even 3 – 1.

The person who bets on the upper team will also win the entire bet, otherwise the person who bets on the lower team will lose the entire bet.

If it happens that both teams are tied, no team wins or loses, then the player who bets on the team in the upper bet will be considered a loser, with no bonus, otherwise the player who bets on the lower team will be considered a loser. below will receive a full bonus.

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The most specific way to calculate 3/4 odds

To better understand how to calculate bets 3/4 bet – 0.75 bet or also known as 0.5 – 1 bet, please continue to see the example: 3/4 handicap, New York Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire team. The upper odds are New York Red Bulls. The bonus odds for betting on New York Red Bulls are 1.95 and the bonus odds for betting on Chicago Fire are 1.85.

The specific way to calculate money in each case of winning or losing based on the scoring ratio of the two teams is:

  • In case the New York Red Bulls win with a score of 1-0, 2-1, 3-2,… meaning the upper team scores 1 point more than the lower team, then the person who bets on the upper team wins half the bet. – bet 100 VND to win an additional 100 VND x 0.5 x 1.95 = 97.5 VND, the person who bets on the lower team will lose half of the bet – bet 100 VND, then lose 100 VND x 0.5 x 1.85 = 92.5 VND.
  • In case the New York Red Bulls win with a score of 2-0, 3-1, 4-2… that is, the upper team wins the lower team with a score difference of 2 points, then the bet on the upper team will win completely. The bet and win rate of the upper bet is 1.95, so betting 100 VND will win an additional 195 VND, and if you bet on the lower team, you will lose 100 VND x 1.85 = 185 VND.
  • In case the results of the two teams are tied, the person who bets on the upper team will lose all the money, and the person who bet on the lower team will win the full amount. That is, if you bet on the team over 100 VND, you will lose 100 VND, and if you bet on the team with a handicap under 100 VND, you will win 100 VND.

Detailed instructions on how to participate in 3/4 odds at Hi88

  • Step 1: before placing bets 3/4 bet then players must have a gaming account at the house, go to the homepage Hi88, click the Register button to follow the instructions.
  • Step 2: fund the account by depositing through the player’s bank account or with electronic currency.
  • Step 3: find the house’s homepage and select Sports, there are betting halls: CMD368, MaxBet, Hi88, click the ENTER BET button to enter the official betting interface.
  • Step 4: in the sports betting interface, select soccer – you can also choose other sports with scores and apply ¾ odds – then select the match you want to bet on.
  • Step 5: Observe the odds table, choose in the handicap column 0.5 – 1, bet on the upper or lower handicap team, it’s up to you.
  • Step 6: Select the team you want to bet on, then click on the left box to enter the amount you want to bet. After selecting, click Place Bet to complete the bet.
  • Step 7: You can watch the match live with matches marked LIVE, the match progress will affect the handicap so players need to observe to make smart bets. Review History for more information about your bet.

Some experience in 3/4 betting

Player 3/4 bet You should choose to bet on the upper team if this team has an effective attack and vice versa, if the lower team has a weak attack, you should not choose to play this handicap, there is a high risk that you will not win the bet.

In case it is the home field of the underdog team, the player should choose to place a bet on the underdog team.

It is better to research whether the two teams’ attack lines are equal in strength or not. If they are equally strong, then you should bet.

On the contrary, in case the home field belongs to the upper team, there is no need to wait, bet immediately on the upper team because here the strong team’s attack line will be worth betting once.

If you see a team with a bonus ratio of 0.85 or higher and a 3/4 handicap is applied, you should consider and make a decision only when this bonus ratio fluctuates up or down within 4 hours before the match. match begins.

Then, with about 30 minutes left to start the match, the rate returned to stability. At this time, just bet on the home team.

In case you have not chosen which team the odds are on, you can observe the match during the first 15 minutes.

And carefully observe the matches taking place in the same time frame but initially applying the ratio of 3/4 and then the ratio of ½, you should immediately bet on the upper team.


The above article has brought to players new to soccer betting a rather special type of bet 3/4 bet.

If players have questions or need support or advice, they can contact the customer service staff of the online bookmaker system. Hi88 for help. Hope you bet and win big.

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