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Laser Level Vs Spirit Level – Which Is More Accurate?

If you are looking for the most accurate levelling tool, you need to know the difference between a spirit and a laser level. A variety of projects require you to measure the level before you can continue with the project, whether installing tiles or hanging shelves. A laser level is highly accurate, but it still needs to be sufficiently accurate for your needs.

Laser Levels

A laser level is an electronic tool that projects a visible beam of light that users rely on to determine how level or plumb a surface is. The beams come in red or green and can project vertically, horizontally or at a 360° angle. A laser level is a highly accurate application to ensure surfaces are level.

Spirit Levels

A spirit level is a manual level that you can use to determine whether a surface is a level or plumb. Within the frame of the level, there is a small bubble containing a vial of liquid. The air bubble adjusts the liquid to determine whether a surface is level. Or can indicate how uneven the surface is.

The Differences

The laser and the spirit level complete the same task, but what is the difference?

You need to separate the conversation into two because there are different types of laser levels to consider. Each serves a different purpose. There are also different spirit-level designs. However, laser levels are typically more versatile.

Spirit levels are highly accurate, but the most precise results come from using a laser level. A laser level is a must in professional situations where accuracy is crucial. A spirit level is ideal for checking whether to ensure the new cabinet you are building is level. Or to ensure the new shelf you’re installing is level. In long-distance applications, a laser level is a more appropriate solution. Laser levels should be used when handling ceiling and rail installations for landscaping, window heights, and surveying.

Spirit levels are easy to use and calibrate, but laser levels require more care during calibration as they are highly sensitive devices. The result you get from a spirit level depends on the user, but a laser level does the work for you, and it does so quickly. A spirit level is typically more durable because poor handling can damage a laser level.

There is, of course, a major difference when it comes to cost. It will depend on the type of level you require. Likewise, the laser level comes with additional operational costs due to power consumption. There are no additional costs associated with operating a spirit level.

Spirit or Laser?

The right tool for you will depend on the job that you are doing. A laser level is the most appropriate solution if you are dealing with long-distance levelling. If you need a quick and efficient result, the accuracy of a laser level is the same. However, a spirit level is more than sufficient if you want a level for simple tasks like hanging shelves.

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