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All You Need To Know About The Unimed ETCO2 Sensor

Unimed is a manufacturer of patient monitoring products, including the ETCO2 sensor. Learn about what this product can do for you and your patients in this article!

What is the ETCO2 sensor?

An ETCO2 sensor is a device that measures the amount of carbon dioxide in a person’s exhaled breath. The sensor is placed over the mouth and nose and uses infrared light to measure the amount of CO2 in the air. The sensor then sends this information to a monitor, which displays the results.

ETCO2 sensors are used in many settings, including hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. They often monitor patients at risk for respiratory problems, such as asthma or COPD. Additionally, ETCO2 sensors can be used to monitor people who are exercising or working in high-altitude environments.

What are the benefits of an ETCO2 sensor?

  1. Plug-and-play: The host requires no internal space or circuitry and merely a typical Remo socket and internal serial port.
  2. High Accuracy: Factory calibration and temperature and pressure correction enable accurate measurement within a 0–20 percent range.
  3. Automatic zero function, never requiring manual zero.
  4. The incredibly long life and extremely low noise Hardware and software ensure the module’s long-term stability and eliminate the requirement for calibration during its lifetime thanks to the module’s redundant and multi-dimensional design for the gas route.
  5. Low power usage, good for battery use.
  6. Automatic pressure compensation: Using an integrated barometer sensor, it maintains measurement accuracy across a very broad pressure range of 400 to 960 mm Hg.
  7. The innovative filter may be used frequently and continuously, lowering the cost to the customer.
  8. The dedicated fi-lock inlet port can identify and indicate the plug-in and breathing state of the filter.


The ETCO2 sensor from Unimed is a reliable and accurate way to measure carbon dioxide levels in your blood. It is easy to use and provides quick results. The sensor is also comfortable to wear and is small enough to be unobtrusive. If you are in the market for an ETCO2 sensor, do not hesitate to visit our website!

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