Forest City: Freehold Status and Captivating Seaview for Unparalleled Living

Welcome to Forest City, an extraordinary development by Country Garden Group and Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd (EDSB) that offers a harmonious blend of modernity and nature. This blog post will delve into one of the key benefits of Forest City: its fsuperior location.

Why Country Garden Group is a reliable choice

Country Garden Group, a leading enterprise listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Main Board, occupies a prestigious position among “The World’s 500 Largest Public Companies” according to Forbes. Recognized as a developer and operator of residential communities, Country Garden also excels in the construction and operation of green, ecological, and smart cities. With a steadfast commitment to promoting residential civilization, Country Garden embodies a craftsman’s professional spirit, implements scientific planning, and embraces human-centric design to offer accessible and quality housing options worldwide.

Forest City’s outstanding location

Forest City’s superior location offers numerous benefits that contribute to its rapid growth and success. Situated as a strategic gateway between Singapore and Malaysia, Forest City attracts outstanding strategic partners due to its advantageous position. Its proximity to Singapore, being a mere 2km away and adjacent to the Tuas Second Link, makes it easily accessible by both land and water.

One of the key benefits of Forest City’s location is its ability to attract spillover industrial opportunities from Singapore. As a special economic zone within the Iskandar special economic zone, Forest City serves as a bridge connecting these two thriving regions. This connection enables Forest City to tap into Singapore’s robust business ecosystem and leverage the platforms provided by the city-state. Investors can capitalize on Malaysia’s lower business operation costs while expanding their businesses and taking advantage of Singapore’s extensive networks and resources.


Overall, Country Garden Group, with all its achievement and commitment, is a reliable Group for you to choose. Forest City’s location offers a multitude of advantages. It acts as a catalyst for economic growth, attracts strategic partnerships, provides cost-effective business operations, and allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds with Malaysia’s lower living costs and Singapore’s metropolitan lifestyle. With its ideal positioning, Forest City has created a unique proposition that appeals to both investors and residents alike, making it a highly sought-after destination in the region.

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