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Experience Sonic Brilliance with Panda Plus: The Ultimate Sound System by ESD Acoustic

ESD Acoustic introduces Panda Plus, the advanced version of their esteemed Panda speaker series. Designed to provide an exceptional audio experience, Panda Plus is the ultimate sound system for salons. This state-of-the-art system incorporates Truextent® foiled beryllium diaphragms, ensuring superior sound resolution and reduced distortion. With its remarkable features, Panda Plus is the perfect choice for hifi bookshelf speakers, delivering captivating sound quality that enhances any salon ambiance.

Unmatched Sound Resolution and Lower Distortion

Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic surpasses expectations with its Truextent® foiled beryllium diaphragms. These cutting-edge diaphragms are crafted to deliver superior sound resolution, allowing you to hear every nuance and detail in your favorite music. By minimizing distortion, Panda Plus ensures that the audio reproduction remains faithful to the original source, providing an immersive and authentic listening experience that will captivate salon clientele.

Impressive Sensitivity for Engaging Audio Performance

With a sensitivity of 92dB, Panda Plus stands out for its ability to deliver powerful and dynamic sound. The high sensitivity rating means that the speakers require less power to produce the same volume, resulting in efficient and impactful performance. Whether you’re creating an energetic salon environment or a soothing ambiance, Panda Plus excels at bringing music to life with its impressive sensitivity.

Elevate Your Salon Experience with Panda Plus

Panda Plus is the epitome of excellence when it comes to sound system for salons. The advanced features, including Truextent® foiled beryllium diaphragms and high sensitivity, ensure a rich and immersive audio experience for salon clients. Whether it’s creating a relaxing atmosphere or energizing the space, Panda Plus delivers the sonic brilliance that enhances the overall salon experience. With its sleek design and superior audio performance, Panda Plus is the ideal choice for salon owners seeking to elevate their sound systems to new heights.


ESD Acoustic’s Panda Plus offers salon owners an exceptional sound system that combines advanced technology and superior sound quality. With Truextent® foiled beryllium diaphragms and high sensitivity, Panda Plus achieves remarkable sound resolution and reduced distortion. Elevate your salon experience with Panda Plus and immerse both your clients and yourself in the captivating audio that enhances the ambiance and sets the stage for an unforgettable salon environment.

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