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Illuminate Your Cabinets with Magneto F01 Series: Ledia Lighting’s LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

Ledia Lighting, a pioneer in lighting solutions, introduces the Magneto F01 Series, a remarkable line of LED motion sensor cabinet lights designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of cabinets. By teaming up with Ledia Lighting as a distributor or agent, you can provide your customers with an unparalleled custom LED strip lights that combines convenience and style.

Sleek Design and Soft Illumination

The Magneto F01 Series features an elegant edge-lit design that combines functionality with aesthetics. With a PMMA LGP (Light Guide Plate) and glare-free lighting, these cabinet lights provide soft, diffuse illumination that enhances the ambiance of any space. The slim and lightweight aluminum housing not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures efficient heat dissipation, guaranteeing a long lifespan for the LED PCB.

Seamless Integration and Easy Operation

The Magneto F01 Series is compatible with most wall dimmers through Triac dimming, enabling seamless integration into existing lighting systems. This feature provides users with enhanced control over the brightness of the cabinet lights, catering to their specific needs. Moreover, the super-thin design, combined with magnetic installation, makes the operation of these cabinet lights incredibly convenient. The magnetic connections simplify both the installation process and the input and connection operations.

Versatile Options for Diverse Needs

Ledia Lighting offers the Magneto F01 Series in various sizes and color options, ensuring that there is a perfect fit for every cabinet. From the compact 450mm version to the larger 900mm option, distributors and agents can cater to the diverse needs of customers. Whether it’s a white or black housing, the Magneto F01 Series provides stylish and innovative lighting solutions that make a difference in any space.

Conclusion: Enhance Cabinets with Ledia Lighting’s LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

By partnering with Ledia Lighting and offering the Magneto F01 Series, distributors and agents have the opportunity to provide customers with an exceptional LED motion sensor cabinet light solution. With its sleek design, touchless control, customizable ambiance, and seamless integration, the Magneto F01 Series elevates the cabinet lighting experience. The soft illumination and high CRI ensure optimal visibility and eye protection. Installations are made effortless with the slim profile and magnetic connections. Illuminate cabinets with style and convenience by embracing Ledia Lighting’s LED motion sensor cabinet light solutions.

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