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Bounce House Blower: Power and Safety Combined – Action Air

Safety and performance are intertwined in guaranteeing the thrilling enjoyment of bounce houses. Action Air, a leading name in inflatable products, brings you their top-of-the-line Bounce House Blower equipped with cutting-edge safety features. Let’s delve into the world of Action Air’s bounce house blowers and discover how they blend power and protection seamlessly.

Bounce House Blower: Power and Safety Combined - Action Air

Unveiling the Action Air Bounce House Blower

Action Air presents a remarkable solution for inflatables with its Bounce House Blower. Crafted to deliver 450W (2L) of power, this blower guarantees a swift and efficient inflation process. Whether you’re setting up a bounce house or a water slide, this blower provides the necessary airflow to inflate your play structure quickly and effortlessly.

Safety First with GFCI Plug

One of the standout features of the Action Air Bounce House Blower is its integrated GFCI plug. This plug isn’t just a standard power connector; it’s a safety guardian. The built-in sensor monitors the electrical current flowing through the wires, instantly detecting any irregularities. This proactive protection ensures that you and your loved ones stay safe from potential electrical injuries, especially in damp or wet conditions.

Weather the Elements with Confidence

Imagine the scenario: your bounce house setup is a hit, and everyone’s having a blast. Suddenly, a few raindrops fall. No worries! Action Air has considered every detail. The Bounce House Blower boasts a clear cover on the switch button, allowing you to control the blower even when it’s wet outside. This thoughtful design element ensures that your inflatable fun continues, rain or shine.

Free Shipping from Joliet, IL

Action Air not only prioritizes your safety and enjoyment but also your convenience. With free shipping from Joliet, IL, US, your Bounce House Blower will be on its way to your doorstep without any additional cost. It’s part of Action Air’s commitment to delivering quality and value to your family’s playtime.


In the exciting world of bounce houses, Action Air stands out as a brand that not only brings joy but also places safety at the forefront. The Action Air Bounce House Blower with its GFCI plug, swift inflation, and weather-resistant features ensures that your inflatable adventures are worry-free. Experience the perfect fusion of power and protection with Action Air, your trusted companion for inflatable fun.

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