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YES TECH: A Leading LED Display Supplier Setting Industry Standards

YES TECH, a renowned LED display supplier, has been setting industry standards since its establishment in 2001. With a global presence spanning over 100 countries and regions, YES TECH has solidified its position as a leader in providing innovative LED display solutions for various applications.

Unrivaled Product Portfolio:

YES TECH offers a comprehensive range of LED display solutions tailored to meet the demands of different industries and applications. From rental and staging to commercial displays and fine pixel pitch screens, YES TECH’s product portfolio is unparalleled in versatility and performance.

Rental & Staging Solutions:

Under its rental and staging category, YES TECH offers an array of products such as the MG9 Series, MG7S Series, and MG Dance Floor, designed to meet the dynamic needs of events and entertainment venues. With features like high refresh rates, creative shapes, and interactive capabilities, these products ensure a captivating visual experience for audiences.

Commercial Display Innovations:

For commercial applications, YES TECH provides solutions like the Mwall Series and FN Series, catering to the needs of outdoor advertising, digital signage, and large-scale displays. These displays boast high brightness, energy efficiency, and customizable designs, making them ideal for capturing attention in bustling urban environments.

Fine Pixel Pitch Displays:

YES TECH’s fine pixel pitch displays, including the Mnano Ⅱ Series and Mnano MetaTech Series, offer superior image quality and seamless integration for commercial applications. With pixel pitches ranging from 0.78mm to 2.5mm, these displays deliver stunning visuals with wide viewing angles and even heat dissipation.


As a leading LED display supplier, YES TECH continues to redefine the industry landscape with its innovative solutions, global presence, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With a diverse product portfolio, advanced technology, and a focus on excellence, YES TECH is poised to shape the future of LED display technology for years to come.

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