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Why You Should Use a Welland Body Composition Scale

In light of the planet’s current state, human health is receiving increased attention. A body composition scale is an excellent tool that can be used by the average person and the fitness fanatic to understand the state of one’s body better. Body composition scales are Welland‘s specialty, and the company manufactures them.

Obesity can be reliably identified using a single body composition scale

Obesity is defined by criteria such as excessive body fat accumulation and an above-average body fat percentage. To get an accurate diagnosis of obesity, Welland’s body composition scale can precisely gauge how much fat a person has in their body and assess their body fat percentage. On the other hand, body composition scales can only assess body weight, and people who are overweight are not always obese, just as those who are normal are not always normal, such as weightlifters or people with low muscle mass (invisible obesity). Body composition scales can also provide precise and varied body composition data, making it easier to create accurate and manageable weight loss plans.

A body composition scale can be used to determine body type

Welland’s body composition scale can precisely measure several variables, including body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, waist-to-hip fat ratio, and BMI.


Welland is a company that makes body composition scales. Welland’s high-quality factory handles everything from sensor elements to product assembly. Visit Welland’s official website to learn more about OEM/ODM services.

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