What evening dress for a cocktail, a gala, or an event?

Finding a suitable outfit for a gala or a cocktail party: is a real obsession for most women. These events of great importance require maximum elegance . And to be at the top of the class, you need to find the perfect pairings. And for good reason, there is only a fine line that separates elegance and fashion faux pas.

In order to avoid mistakes, there are some golden rules discuss by Anvisha to  follow when choosing (or buying) your outfit for these special occasions.

Each dress codes the ideal evening outfit

Before even choosing the outfit to go out for this special event to which you are invited, you should be well informed about the dress code of the evening.

Indeed, when you attend such a large-scale event, you have to find the perfect balance. The ideal outfit is one that allows you to be on top: without doing too much or not enough.

Not all events are the same. And some organizers will require you to dress specifically. Admittedly, a gala or a cocktail party is an ideal opportunity to bring out your most chic looks, but it is always advisable to be in the same tone as all the other participants. This means that it is not necessary to take out your beautiful princess dress if the event has a “tailor” dress code.

Ask the right questions to the organizers so as not to stand out. You can also find this information on the invitation card. To give you an idea of ​​what is done and what is not done, here are the main dress codes when talking about an event of this kind.

The gal outfit or white tie

This first type of dress code is certainly the most formal of all. And for good reason, the participants must really put on their 31. The women will then have to take out the long gala dresses. In some cases, it would even be better to match this strong piece with gloves or a shawl.

The hair, well cared for, will generally be tied in a bun. As with the choice of clothes, shoes and jewellery should be chosen very sparingly. For men, the full penguin costume is appropriate.

Evening dress or black tie

This is the most common dress code for this kind of event. In this case, women will wear long formal dresses. But today, the rules are changing.

Thus, women can also take out their tailored pants, even on the red carpet. Here, a cocktail dress is also acceptable.

On the other hand, there is an important condition to respect: stay in neutral colours (black, navy blue, burgundy). For men, a suit with a tie or a suit with a bow tie will do.

City attire

When we talk about a gala or a cocktail party whose dress code is “business attire”, understand that this is not the time to take out an outfit that you will put on for a romantic stroll or for a getaway in town. find out the best  formal dress or pants.

On the other hand, compared to the first two types of events, the participants will have more leeway. They can, for example, choose a short dress or a dress in a brighter colour.

The cocktail outfit

What to wear if you see a “cocktail dress” on the invitation card? Good news, this means you can afford more spread. For women, a dress above the knee is quite acceptable.

That said, if you have the right to more freedom, you have to make the difference between “short dress” and “too short dress.” It is always recommended to keep an appropriate length and neckline.

The smart-casual outfit

In order not to limit the guests to overly sophisticated outfits, some organizers have the idea of ​​proposing a “smart casual” dress code. This is the perfect balance between a classy outfit and a relaxed outfit. In casual chic mode, you will have the right to take out your flat shoes.

You can also opt for jeans but it will have to be worn with a more chic piece such as a blazer for example. If you want to opt for an outfit that will give you the wind in your sails, you can bet on the culottes or the palazzo pants which are a real phenomenon of this season.

How to dress for a garden party?

In the list of events to which you will be invited several times this year, there may also be the garden party. And if this outdoor event is very popular, there is still an essential question that you must answer: how to dress for this occasion?

Here are some options for a garden party dresses for you to consider:

For a daytime garden party

To find your outfit for a garden party, your watchwords will be: chic, casual and trendy. A trio that is not always easy to combine. And yet, with a few techniques, you will be the most beautiful for this garden party.

For example, you can wear your little light dress with a pair of sneakers. Tied shorts with a floral top are also a popular duo. The little touch that will make all the difference: the accessories. Here, the small summer bag, the pair of summer glasses and the trendy hat are recommended.

For an evening garden party

Have you been invited to an evening garden party? All evening events are known for a small amount of sophistication. If you are looking for your ideal outfit, opt for a refined combination. It’s time to break out your jumpsuit or pants and shirt set.

If you are looking for a more elaborate look, bet on glamorous accessories: golden clutch, capeline, etc.

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