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Revamping Benewake LiDAR Level Sensors for Better Material Level Detection

Accurate material level detection is crucial in various industries for efficient inventory management and production processes. Benewake, a trusted provider of LiDAR solutions, offers advanced LiDAR level sensors that revolutionize material level detection. In this article, we explore the benefits of Benewake LiDAR level sensors, focusing on their wide range coverage for versatile material level detection and their customized solutions for non-contact detection.

Wide Range Coverage: Versatile Material Level Detection

Benewake LiDAR Level Sensor’s Range Coverage:

Benewake LiDAR level sensors boast an impressive range coverage from 0.1m to 350m. This wide range allows for accurate material level detection in diverse applications, accommodating tanks of different sizes and various material types.

Benefits of Wide Range Coverage:

The broad range coverage of Benewake LiDAR level sensors provides versatility in material level detection. Whether it’s monitoring liquid levels in storage tanks or granular materials in silos, these sensors deliver precise and reliable measurements, enabling efficient inventory management and preventing costly overflows or shortages.

Customized Solutions: Non-contact Material Level Detection

Small Size, Light Weight, and Various Interfaces:

Benewake LiDAR level sensors are designed with a compact and lightweight form factor. This makes them easy to integrate into existing systems. With a variety of interfaces available, including UART, RS232, and RS485, seamless development and integration are ensured.

Advantages of Customized Solutions:

Benewake LiDAR level sensors provide customized non-contact material level detection solutions. By utilizing LiDAR technology, they enable non-invasive detection, eliminating the risk of contamination and reducing maintenance costs associated with traditional contact-based sensors. The customized solutions offer precise and reliable data for accurate material level monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency in industries such as chemical processing, food and beverage, and logistics.


The extensive coverage and tailored solutions offered by Benewake LiDAR level sensors are causing a revolution in the field of material level detection. In order to provide efficient inventory management and avoid costly mistakes, these sensors give accurate and dependable data for diverse material level detection. Industrial companies can improve efficiency, cut costs, and optimize operations by using Benewake LiDAR level sensors. Raising the bar for material level sensing, try out the cutting-edge features of Benewake LiDAR level sensors.

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