Pogo Pin Connectors Have a Wide Range of Applications

With the rapid growth of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communication terminal markets, as well as the constant transfer of global connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has emerged as the most promising region for connector market growth, and China will become the world’s fastest-growing and largest connector market.

Use of the Pogo Pin connector

The use of Pogo Pin connections in the electronic industry

According to the report, the Pogo Pin connector market’s performance has improved, owing to rising demand for consumer electronic items like gaming consoles, MP3, mobile phones, LCD TVs, and digital cameras.

The use of Pogo Pin connections in the medical field

According to a research institute survey report, the global home medical equipment market will reach 20.4 billion US dollars by 2022, with a 6.8% annual growth rate. Pogo Pin connector applications will see significant growth in medical electronics.

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Pomagtor Pogo Pin Specific Example

  1. Smart wearables: smart bracelets, pet trackers, smart wristbands, smart shoes, smart garments, smart schoolbags, smart home appliances, air purifiers, automatic controllers, and so on.
  2. Medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communication equipment, communications equipment, automation, industrial equipment, etc.

Notebooks, tablet computers, PDAs, handheld data terminals, and other 3.3C consumer products

  1. Aviation, aerospace, military communications, military electronics, and other related fields
  2. Automobiles, car navigation systems, test and measurement equipment, and so forth.

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