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Improving Convenience with Ledia Lighting’s LED Light with PIR Sensor

Ledia Lighting, a lighting innovator, improves convenience. Learn about Ledia’s Cabinet Lights, including the Lightsaber A01-5V Rechargeable Single Color Temperature, which has a PIR sensor for superior motion-sensing.

Elevated Experience – Lightsaber A01-5V Rechargeable Single Color Temperature with PIR Sensor

Seamless Operation: Ledia Lighting presents the Lightsaber A01, a cutting-edge 5V rechargeable LED light with PIR sensor technology. With an integrated PIR sensor, this single-color temperature product offers a contactless experience, bringing convenience and ease to various applications. Say goodbye to manual switches and hello to hands-free operation with Ledia Lighting’s LED light with PIR sensor.

Efficient Energy Management: Powered by a rechargeable Li-Battery, Lightsaber A01 stands out for its remarkable efficiency, featuring a long standby time and easy rechargeability. Experience continuous and efficient illumination without the need for frequent battery replacements, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Adaptive Brilliance – USB Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

Versatile Outdoor Lighting: Ledia Lighting’s  Cabinet Light, equipped with a PIR sensor, extends its brilliance seamlessly to outdoor spaces. Ideal for various outdoor applications, this USB rechargeable motion sensor light outdoor offers a versatile solution for hands-free lighting, enhancing both security and convenience.

Intelligent Auto On/Off: The PIR sensor integrated into the USB rechargeable motion sensor light outdoor ensures an automatic and intelligent on/off mechanism. Enjoy a smart lighting solution that responds to motion, providing illumination precisely when needed and conserving energy during idle times.


Enhanced lighting using Ledia Lighting’s LED Light with PIR Sensor. Ledia Lighting changes illumination with Lightsaber A01’s smooth operation and the USB rechargeable motion sensor light’s outside brilliance. Move toward hands-free, motion-sensing lighting for security and convenience. Innovation in lighting from Ledia Lighting makes every environment more convenient.

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