IMBA Programs: The Newest Development In International Management

An article about how ACEM has developed IMBA programs to cultivate international high-end management talents with a global vision and a foothold in the domestic market.

What is IMBA from ACEM?

IMBA program offered by ACEM is dedicated to the cultivation of international high-end management skills with a global perspective and a footing in the home market. The typical length of time spent in school is two years, and the language of instruction for all classes is English. Here are some features of this program:

  1. Taking internationalization as the fundamental principle and defining feature of the operation of a school, and putting into practice the concept of operating an international MBA about the establishment of a curriculum, the choice of teaching materials, the application of a teaching mode, the construction of a teaching staff, and the source of students;
  2. The first domestically based worldwide Master of Business Administration program that was instructed in English and internationalized its student body;
  3. teachers chosen from all around the world, classes conducted by renowned academics from universities in Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as top executives from international corporations and experienced faculty members from the school;
  4. You have the option to study abroad at prestigious business schools in other countries, as well as participate in exchange programs at those institutions, and you may even be eligible for scholarship assistance.

Benefits of an IMBA program

IMBA programs offer you the opportunity to gain unique knowledge and skills in business administration, international management, and leadership. An IMBA program can also help you build relationships with other professionals in the field and give you the opportunity to network.

Some of the benefits of an IMBA program include:

-Developing specialized skills and knowledge in international management and business administration

-Enhancing your networking abilities

-Gaining insight into current industry trends

-Building a strong foundation for future career growth


IMBA programs also MBA in China for international students are quickly becoming the newest development in international management. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in international management, be sure to check out some of the best IMBA programs available today!

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