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How To Select The Battery: Using The ER14505 Battery By EVE

Any electronics project needs batteries, and selecting the appropriate one can be challenging. In this post, we’ll examine the EVE ER14505 battery, talk about what makes it unique, and show you how to pick the best one for your projects. Continue reading to learn more!

A Brief Overview of the ER14505 Battery

The battery known as the ER14505 is made by EVE Energy Co., Ltd. It is a cylindrical main battery made of lithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCl2). The ER14505 has a 2.7 Ah capacity and a 3.6 V voltage. Applications for it include AMR utility metering, wireless security and alarm systems, GPS tracking, RFID, and emergency transmitter beacons.

The benefits of ER14505 Battery

ER14505 batteries are extremely dependable, to start. They can resist a wide range of temperatures and have a lengthy shelf life. They are also resistant to the memory effect, so they will keep their charge even when not in use for extended periods.

Additionally, ER14505 batteries are quite potent. They can offer a lot of power for numerous applications. Additionally, they retain their potency after numerous discharges and recharges.

Finally, ER14505 batteries are extremely secure. They are not combustible and don’t contain any harmful components. Additionally, unlike some other types of batteries, they are not vulnerable to explosion or fire concerns.

Fourthly, ER14505 batteries are incredibly inexpensive. They are a fantastic solution for a variety of budgets because they are offered at a wide range of pricing ranges.

Finally, it’s simple to locate ER14505 batteries. They are commonly offered by retailers both online and offline. They are also available from a wide range of establishments that offer electrical parts and accessories.


The ER14505 is an excellent option for any project needing dependable power because of its high energy density, long life cycle, and wide working temperature range. Before placing an order, be sure to take into account all considerations, including size, cost, and safety, while choosing the best battery for your company.

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