Hexagonal Core Electric Bass Strings: What Are The Benefits And Advantages?

An electric bass guitar is a musical instrument that produces sound through pick-ups and strings. While several types of strings are available, Hexagonal core electric bass guitar strings have become increasingly popular due to their ability to deliver a warm and full tone. This article has many advantages and benefits of using Hexagonal core electric bass strings.

Pros of Hexagonal Core Electric Bass Strings

There are a few advantages of hexagonal core electric bass strings over traditional round core strings. One is that because the hexagonal shape of the core is more evenly balanced, there is less tendency for the string to become uncoiled and tangled. This can make for easier and quicker string changes. Additionally, the hexagonal shape provides more contact points between the windings and the core, which can result in a richer, fuller tone.

Hexagonal core electric bass strings also tend to hold their tuning better than round-core strings. This is due to the increased contact points between the windings and the core and the overall more balanced construction. And because they’re likely to become uncoiled and tangled, you won’t have to worry about constantly re-tuning your instrument.


Alice Strings‘ Hexagonal core electric bass strings offer a variety of benefits and advantages for serious musicians. Whether you are looking for increased sustain, improved tone, or enhanced playability, hexagonal cores help provide all of these features while still providing the classic sound that is so beloved by many players. With their unique shape and design, they also reduce string noise and allow you to switch between different tunings with ease quickly. So if you’re in the market for new strings, consider giving hexagonal core strings a try!

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