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Elevating Modern Bathrooms: Introducing DAYA’s Series M Shower Tray with Linear Drain for Wholesale Buyers

In the realm of contemporary bathrooms, the shower tray with a linear drain stands as an epitome of modern design and functionality. DAYA‘s Series M leads the way in this innovation, offering wholesale buyers a curbless shower pan that seamlessly integrates a sleek, flush design, complemented by a linear drain for efficient water removal and an enhanced modern aesthetic.

The Essence of a Linear Drain Shower Tray

Seamless Modern Design: A curbless shower pan with a linear drain is installed flush with the bathroom floor, imparting a seamless appearance that exudes modern sophistication.

Efficient Water Drainage: The long, narrow linear drain, positioned along one edge of the tray, facilitates efficient water drainage, preventing pooling and enhancing the contemporary aesthetic.

Enhanced Accessibility: The flush installation and absence of curbs ensure easier accessibility, providing a convenient showering experience for users.

DAYA’s Series M: Redefining Linear Drain Shower Tray Excellence

Sleek, Flush Installation: Series M boasts a sleek and flush design, aligning perfectly with contemporary bathroom aesthetics, enhancing visual appeal, and offering seamless integration.

Efficient Linear Drain: The inclusion of a long and narrow linear drain ensures efficient water removal, preventing water accumulation while contributing to the tray’s modern and minimalist look.

Customizable for Versatile Fit: Series M can be tailored to fit different bathroom layouts and sizes, allowing wholesalers the flexibility to cater to various customer needs and preferences.

Why Choose DAYA’s Series M Shower Tray with Linear Drain

Modern Aesthetics: Series M’s contemporary design elevates the visual appeal of any bathroom space, catering to the preferences of customers seeking sleek and modern aesthetics.

Efficiency in Drainage: The linear drain design guarantees efficient water removal, preventing puddling and maintaining a clean showering area, enhancing both functionality and appearance.

Versatile Customization: The ability to customize Series M to fit different layouts and sizes ensures wholesalers can meet diverse customer demands effectively, fostering greater customer satisfaction.


For wholesale buyers seeking to offer customers a blend of modern design, efficiency, and customization in their shower tray offerings, DAYA’s Series M Shower Tray with Linear Drain emerges as an unparalleled choice. Its seamless integration, efficient drainage, and customizable nature promise not just a functional addition but a transformative element that redefines and uplifts the essence of contemporary bathroom spaces.

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