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AMR of Confidence Manufactured by ForwardX

Thanks to the accurate and easy-to-use ForwardX warehouse automation robots, ForwardX’s automation solutions are easy to deploy and work seamlessly with legacy warehouse management systems. Such solutions are very friendly for upgrading warehouse systems. Take a look at the details of their products.

Data Visualization: ForwardX’s Innovative f(x) Fleet Manager System

A well-performing AMR terminal is not enough, and the accompanying software is also very important. f(x) Fleet Manager from ForwardX generates digital reports based on the KPI metrics that are most interesting to customers. Through a user-friendly user interface, decision-makers can monitor every aspect of the process, from the progress of orders on-site, the work progress of each picker, and the best performers, to electronic maps of the floor and real-time AMR location information. These digital displays provide reliable, actionable information for further productivity improvements.

Global Recognition

ForwardX’s flexible automated AMR solutions have brought light to many of the world’s leading companies, such as TCL,, SF DHL, and more. Whether due to COVID-19 or other factors, the warehousing industry faces various substantial challenges in today’s marketplace. ForwardX’s AMRs are the latest and most flexible solution for warehousing efficiency improvement and can target several pain points in the warehousing industry today. Visit their website for more information.

Visit the official website of ForwardX for more information!

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