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9 Best Employee Monitoring Tools

Employee monitoring software is a program that companies use to measure the productivity of their employees. They are special programs with features such as random screenshots, idle team alerts, internet usage reports, and so much more. It offers real-time data on employee efficiency and records task-based timelines, so the employer can measure their productivity.

The tools gained popularity when the pandemic forced companies to conduct their operations remotely. And employers had to ensure that the team works productively and do not slack off. So, the companies started to use monitoring software so that they could properly record whether the employees were productive or not. To successfully conduct business operations, it is significant to have a clear picture of what your employees are working on.

Therefore, the monitoring software helps the employees become more organized and efficient and do more things in less time. If you run a business and looking for the best monitoring software, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have listed the nine incredible employee monitoring tools to narrow down your choices.


Whatfix is a popular tool that simplifies organizational processes by helping managers track employees’ efficiency and determine their productivity levels. It even offers on-demand training to employees and offers insights to measure the efficiency of training. It can be easily integrated with top business software such as CRM, LMS, HCM, and so much more.

In addition, this software helps the employees to understand their tasks by offering contextual resources to them. It even features task lists, so employees can easily use this software and complete their work without any issues.

Time Doctor

This is another great software that offers detailed insights and analytics regarding the work done by the employees. With this software, employees can manage their time in a better way as they know their progress will be monitored. Moreover, managers can even provide feedback to the employees on the tasks, so they know their progress. It also alerts managers when the employees are not working, so they can block certain non-productive websites through this software.

Time Doctor offers several features set of features such as project management, time-tracking, employee monitoring, and so much more. With this software, businesses can easily streamline their operations and track the performance of their employees.


ActivTrak is best for teams that want to measure the productivity of remote teams. This software is quite easy to use and is best for small businesses, as they have to ensure every team member works productively. Otherwise, the business operations could suffer.

ActiveTrak can be easily integrated with hundreds of different platforms, such as Google Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft, and so much more. But just ensure you have a stable internet connection, just like Spectrum, so the application can work seamlessly. You can dial numero de Spectrum and subscribe to its services today. With a steady internet connection from Spectrum, you can easily complete all your work because the provider does not pose data caps. You contact Spectrum Servicio al cliente for any further queries.


This is another easy-to-use software that helps the teams to enter data, manage projects, assign tasks, plan their projects, and do so much more. This tool comes with pre-built templates that help users understand the tasks and is quite simple to use.

With Airtable, managers can see the progress of how the team members are performing. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with Google suite and its products. This way, employees can invite other team members to edit the documents. Therefore, the tasks are easily completed without delay because the team members can edit and upload the files as soon as someone assigns them.


ProofHub is an excellent tool that helps streamline communication between team members and gives managers a bird’s eye view of the performance of the employees. It has a customization option to suit the needs of different teams. Moreover, the software is easy to use, so employees will not face any difficulty while using it.

You can even integrate it on platforms such as Slack and MS Teams, so you can easily communicate and collaborate with the employees in real-time. ProofHub offers Kanban boards that help divide tasks among the employees so that each team member has a clear idea about what is expected from them.


With this tool, you can enhance employees’ productivity by blocking access to certain websites, so they can focus on their work. SentryPC also tracks employees’ activities and screenshots of the activities as proof. It is a professional monitoring software for companies that handle confidential data. However, this software is expensive and does not offer any mobile version support. Still, it is one of the best employee monitoring software that you can use to keep track of what your employees are up to.


ConnectTeam is a customizable employee management platform that specially focuses on simplifying internal communication among employees. In addition, it is easier for the managers to manage the tasks and assign them to the respective team members.

ConnectTeam offers hands-on content training for employees, and managers can even upload their materials. It even offers several forms and checklists to help employees categorize their project requirements.


This is another time-tracking software that helps the manager track the employees’ productivity. It even allows the managers to organize their project timelines and offers insights regarding how they can stay on top of the progress. Workpuls also has an automated attendance to track employee presence without investing in expensive manuals.


It is a comprehensive employee monitoring software that helps employers track employees’ activities. It even monitors the behavior of the employees to detect suspicious activities, so the employers can safeguard confidential information. You may check this to find out more information about this.

In Brief

Tracking the employees’ productivity is important because the company can only achieve its goals if the team is highly productive. Therefore, to help employers monitor their employees’ performance, a plethora of monitoring software tools have been developed. We have listed some of the best ones above, so you can use the ones listed above and assess your team’s performance.

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