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Unlock Seamless Customs Clearance with Austway

Austway‘s Melbourne-based customs bonded warehouse has just received government approval, empowering them to provide comprehensive services for international import and export supply chains. This strategic move allows for the storage, bonded logistics distribution, and value-added customs clearance services of goods that have already completed customs export procedures. Conveniently located within 10-15 minutes of major retail, logistics, and e-commerce hubs, as well as just 15 minutes from the Port of Melbourne and 30 minutes from the airport, this facility ensures lightning-fast logistics and distribution coverage across the state.

Comprehensive Warehousing Solutions

With a warehouse spanning over 4,000 square meters, Austway’s Melbourne facility is equipped to handle a diverse range of storage needs, from general goods to dangerous items. By adopting advanced warehouse management (WMS) and order management (OMS) systems, Austway guarantees the accuracy and safety of logistics operations while ensuring compatibility with various logistics systems, providing a one-stop solution for your Australian market expansion.

Customs Expertise at Your Fingertips

Austway’s team of seasoned customs brokers are your trusted partners in navigating the complexities of customs clearance, especially in Australia where border control regulations are stringent. With over a decade of experience, Austway’s in-house customs team, familiar with local regulations, will guide you through the entire process, from tariff and tax advice to duty drawback applications and FTA compliance, ensuring a faster and more cost-effective customs clearance services.


Whether you’re importing from China or exploring other international markets, Austway’s comprehensive suite of customs clearance services, including expert legal advice, customs consultancy, and bonded warehousing, is designed to streamline your operations and maximize your success in the Australian market. Trust Austway to be your reliable partner in conquering the customs landscape and unleashing your full potential.

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