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The Advantages of a Tankless Wall Hung Toilet

For small bathrooms in need of a space-efficient solution, the tankless wall hung toilet is an ideal choice. By eliminating the bulky tank commonly found in traditional toilets, the tankless design of the Horow G10 offers a sleek and compact profile that maximizes available space. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and luxury with this innovative toilet.

Adjustable Bidet Features for Personalized Comfort

The Horow G10 toilet goes beyond the conventional with its exceptional bidet features. The adjustable settings allow you to customize your cleansing experience according to your preferences, ensuring maximum comfort and cleanliness. From adjustable water temperature to different spray patterns, the bidet functionality of the Horow G10 offers a luxurious and personalized touch.

Advanced Technology for a Modern Bathroom Experience

Equipped with advanced technology, the Horow G10 toilet sets a new standard for modern bathroom fixtures. Its innovative design includes features such as a self-cleaning nozzle and a heated seat, providing additional convenience and hygiene. With its touch-sensitive controls, the Horow G10 makes operating the toilet effortless, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

A Space-Efficient and Luxurious Solution

The tankless wall hung toilet design of the Horow G10 combines space-efficiency with luxurious elements, making it a standout choice for any bathroom. Its sleek and minimalistic appearance adds a touch of elegance to your space, creating a visually appealing environment. The absence of a tank not only saves space but also simplifies cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.


Upgrade your bathroom with the Horow G10 and experience the perfect blend of space-efficiency and luxury. Its innovative design eliminates the need for a bulky tank, allowing you to maximize your bathroom’s available space. The adjustable bidet features and advanced technology provide a personalized and comfortable cleansing experience. With its sleek appearance and convenient touch-sensitive controls, the Horow G10 adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Choose the Horow G10 for a space-efficient and luxurious solution that enhances your daily routine.

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