Mindray AED: Provide Effective First Aid in Schools

First aid equipment designed for on-site first aid may be used without accessories, and automated external defibrillators from Mindray are transportable and easy to use. Professional AEDs from Mindray demonstrate why it is more important to use an AED properly in public settings than to wait for paramedics to arrive. The excellent features of Mindray’s AEDs also exemplify today’s demand for AED for schools. Check them out.

Why choose Mindray’s cutting-edge AEDs?

Mindray has conducted extensive research to enhance the use and distribution of AEDs in public situations to ensure that their products can be used swiftly and successfully when necessary.

Mindray creates AEDs with audio prompts and animated operating cues on the screen to make them easier. With such simple instructions, most people can utilize automatic external defibrillators. It can be used immediately by volunteer rescuers in an emergency per the user guide’s instructions. Because children usually lack first aid training, it is useful to employ AEDs in classrooms when clear AED instructions are required.

Each instant counts: the importance of AEDs in schools

The likelihood that students will survive a cardiac arrest in a school decreases by about 7–10% for each minute defibrillation is delayed, according to multiple clinical and real-world cases. In other words, the sooner defibrillation is delivered, the greater the likelihood that the students will survive and resume a regular heart rhythm.


AEDs were created when a patient has a sudden cardiac arrest in schools. If a high-performance AED from Mindray can be procured to defibrillate the patient, the patient’s chances of survival are increased. Consequently, AEDs are referred regarded as “life-saving devices”!

Mindray manufactures high-quality professional AEDs. Visit the official website of Mindray for detailed information.

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