Learn about 0.25 Handicap and Experience Playing 0.25 Handicap for Sure Win

If you want to make money from soccer betting, the 0.25 handicap is definitely a bet you cannot ignore. This is a popular handicap rate offered by bookmakers for bettors to choose from on the odds tables. To play this type of bet effectively, players are required to have a correct understanding of how to calculate the bet and the necessary playing experience. Nhà cái New88 will bring you the most useful things.

Learn about the 0.25 handicap

The 0.25 handicap is a popular form of bet in soccer betting, also known as the 1/4 handicap. In this soccer bet, the team that is rated stronger will have to accept a 1/4 goal handicap against the other team. This ratio is given by the bookmakers based on analytical parameters from data collected before the match. fight.

The 0.25 handicap is often applied to matches where a team is considered stronger than the opponent but that correlation is not enough to handicap a goal or more. This bet allows players to bet between two options on the strong team – the upper team or the weak team – the lower team.

The 0.25 handicap is a popular bet at bookmakers around the world. The attractiveness of this type of bet is due to its flexibility, ease of playing, easy to bet, and players have the ability to use the optionspromotion to win high amounts of money and also minimize the risk of losing all your money in betting.

Refer to how to play 0.25 handicap

To play the 0.25 handicap, the player must understand how to calculate wins and losses in this type of bet. The calculation of wins and losses is determined based on the final match results as follows:

In case the match is a draw

At the end of the match with a draw between the two teams, the player who bets on the upper team will be considered to have lost the bet, the lost bet amount will be half of the original bet amount. In case you bet on the underdog team, you will win the bet and receive half of the winnings according to the corresponding odds table.

Win/lose case

For a match with a win or loss result for both teams, there will be two cases.

If the handicap team wins: If you bet on the favorite team, you win the prize and get all your money. If you bet on the underdog, you lose and lose all your bet money.

If the underdog wins. If you choose the underdog team to bet, you will win the full proportional bonus. If you bet on the team above you will lose and lose all your bets.

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For example, read and understand the 0.25 handicap through a specific match

For example, in the above match between Banfield and Deportivo Riestra, the entire match handicap was given as 0.25 or denoted as 0/0.5. The handicap team is Banfield with the characteristic symbol being highlighted in red. With the odds in this match, the player will win or lose when betting on one of the two teams with the following calculation:

  • Banfield odds: Odds of 1 to 2.49
  • Betting on Deportivo Riestra: Odds are 1 to 1.59

For example, a player participates in this bet with a bet amount of 100k. The winning or losing results are calculated at the end of the match and the results are determined as follows:

Two teams draw: Bet on Banfield to lose 100k/2 = 50k of bet money, bet on Deportivo Riestra to win and receive prize (100 x 1.59) = 79k.

Two teams win/lose: If you bet on any team, that team wins and you get a bonus. If you lose, you lose all your bet money. For example, if you bet Banfield and this team wins, you will receive 100k x 2.49 = 249k. If this team loses, you lose 100k, the calculation is similar to Deportivo Riestra.

Betting experience 0.25

The 0.25 handicap is one of the popular types of bets in football. To be able to play 0.25 odds effectively, you need to master some of the following experiences:

  • Find out information about the two teams: Before placing a bet, you need to learn carefully about the two teams participating in the match. You should consider factors such as current form, strength, previous confrontation records and other relevant factors.
  • Consider the lineup and tactics: The lineup and tactics of the two teams are also an important factor in evaluating the 0.25 handicap. You need to understand the playing style and tactics of the two teams and use judgment to analyze which team will have the advantage in the confrontation and place bets on that team.
  • Don’t play too many matches: To minimize risk, you should focus on betting on a 0.25 handicap for a few selected matches. Don’t play too many matches at the same time or you won’t get good analysis. best.


Our analysis of the 0.25 handicap hopes to help readers gain more knowledge and experience about soccer betting. Join the betting playground New88 today to receive useful information and enjoy the safest and most perfect entertainment environment, good luck!

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