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Experience EV Charging at Home: Luobinsen’s Residential AC Charger

In the fast-evolving landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging, Luobinsen stands at the forefront with its cutting-edge AC chargers designed for both commercial and residential use. Among its array of offerings, the AC Charger, specifically tailored for home use, is innovating the way they power their electric vehicles. Versatile and reliable, Luobinsen’s residential EV charger is setting new standards for efficiency and convenience in EV charging solutions.

AC Charger for Home: Redefining Convenience

Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger, categorized as a Level 2 car charger, is a solution designed to meet the unique demands of residential and workplace charging. With a focus on user-centric features, this advanced AC charger boasts multi-layer protection technology, ensuring the safety and longevity of your EV and the charging equipment. Its compact and robust design not only makes it an unobtrusive addition to your home but also guarantees lasting performance.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

More than just a charging device, Luobinsen’s residential AC EV Charger transforms your home into a charging hub, offering the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at your doorstep. The charger has undergone rigorous testing, surpassing 10,000 charging connector cycles, a testament to its reliability and durability. This adaptability makes it an ideal solution for various electric car models, ensuring compatibility and versatility.

Mode2 AC Portable Charger: Unleashing Electric Mobility

Luobinsen further expands its AC charging solutions with the Mode2 AC Portable Charger, unlocking the convenience of electric mobility. This portable charger is designed for ease of use, allowing you to charge your EV both at home and in commercial spaces. The focus on user satisfaction is evident in its hassle-free installation process, making it a practical choice for those embracing the sustainable future of transportation.


Luobinsen’s AC chargers for residential use mark a significant stride towards a future where EV charging is not only efficient but also seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. With a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, Luobinsen is reshaping the landscape of residential EV charging, making it more accessible and reliable than ever. Embrace the electric mobility innovation with Luobinsen’s advanced AC chargers, and experience the future of transportation at your doorstep.

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